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I'm Dash, the editor of Expanded Horizons. My personal blog is over at Livejournal, under the same handle.

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african diaspora, american indians, androgyny, anti-oppression, anti-racism, anti-sexism, art, asexuality, asian diaspora, authentic indigenous perspectives, authentic representation, authentic romani perspectives, authors of color, biracial, bisexuality, blogging against racism, challenging stereotypes, chromatic writing, civil rights, critical race theory, critical race work, cross-genre, cultural appreciation, cultural appropriation, deconstructing gender, deconstructing maleness, deconstructing privilege, deconstructing whiteness, disability, diversity, energy work, equal rights, esoteric minorities, essays, ethnicity, fairy tales, fandom, fantasy, feminism, fen of color, fiction, fictionkin, first nations, flash fiction, folklore, ft?, ftm, gay, gay and lesbian fiction, gender, gender fluidity, genderqueer, glbt, horror, indigenous writing, international, international speculative fiction, intersectionality, intersex, legends, lesbians, lgbt, literary analysis, literary sf, magic realism, mediakin, metafandom, mt?, mtf, multiracial, mythology, native americans, natural hair, oppression by omission, original fiction, otakukin, otherkin, paganism, people of color, poc, poetry, polyamory, psi, psi fi, psychic vampirism, race, ritual magick, science, science fiction, sf, sf/f, short stories, slipstream, social change, social justice, speculative fiction, surrealism, therianthropy, transexuality, transgender, transsexuality, two-spirit, under-represented voices, vampyres, webzines, wicca, wiccans, witchcraft, witches, world science fiction, writers of color, writing
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